What are dual portable DVD players?

The portable dual DVD players are the perfect in-car entertainment units, enabling passengers to listen to audio CDs, watch videos, and even play games. They come with two monitors, which could display the same or different video, depending on the portable DVD player model, and typically offer perfect quality picture and adequate sound.

What are the benefits of buying dual portable DVD players?

When taking long trips, having a portable DVD player in your car allows you to keep your kids or grownup passenger entertained while on the go. Some of these players could be used in the house and the battery-powered units are perfect for all your picnic and camping trips as well. They are also very easy to install, you can use them to play back virtually all video and audio content, including audio CDs, DVDs, and even use them to preview photos. The top models offer superb quality picture and could come with many additional features such as independent video for the two monitors, independent volume controls, wide screen aspect ratio format, remote control, and many others. In addition, a number of optional accessories could help you extend the dual portable DVD players functionality and allow you to play video games on them as well.

What dual portable DVD player models are available and what are their features?

The dual portable DVD player models typically differ from each other by the features that they offer. When choosing a portable dual DVD player, some of the factors that you might want to consider are the screen size, the formats that are supported, the playback time, the availability of memory card slots, and additional features such as audio and video signal-to-noise ratio and Parental control. If you intend to use the players outside the car, then the weight of the unit and the strength of the battery should be considered. The ease of mounting both screens to the headrests of the front seat and the ease of using the players are important as well, especially if they are likely to be used by your kids. Having a remote control is great convenience since it allows parents to operate the player from the front seat and the quality of the sound should be one of the decisive factors before making a purchase as well.