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General Info

The Nextbase Click 7 Duo is a portable DVD player with two 7-inch screens and a unique mounting mechanism. The Click and Go mountable system is what makes this DVD player ideal for any vehicle – it allows the 7’’ player and the slave screen to be attached to the headrests and secured just by sliding them into the mounts; once clicked in place, they are ready for use. The Nextbase Click 7 also fully complies with the European crash safety standards and doesn’t present an additional danger in the case of an accident. The cable, which powers the DVD player, is plugged in the cigarette lighter only once and doesn’t have to be unplugged every time you need to turn the player off.

Our Review

The Nextbase Click 7 Duo also takes advantage of some of the latest technologies and provides high-quality picture and superb sound, while keeping the energy consumption to a minimum. The player supports a truly wide variety of multimedia file formats, which automatically allows you to play not only DVDs, but also MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files, view photos in JPEG format, and listen to audio CDs and MP3 files. The Nextbase Click 7 Duo is also a multi-region, which permits you to play any kind of DVD, regardless of where it has been purchased from – US, Europe, Central and South America, or Asia.

The DVD player has SD and USB ports on the side, which allows you to simply plug in your memory stick or Secure Digital (SD) card and playback multimedia files or view your photos. Built-in infrared transmitter permits using wireless headphones (optional) and the player can also be powered by a set of batteries (one for each screen – also optional), which are good for two and a half hours of continuous playback.

Included in the Nextbase Click 7 Duo box are the DVD player with 7’’, 480 x 234 pixel LCD monitor, slave 7’’ monitor, AC/DC adapter, 12V power cable, two headrest mounts, two headphones, remote control, manual, and AV cable.


The Nextbase Click 7 Duo performs as expected, provides great entertainment for your backseat passengers and the only (minor) drawback is the fact that it has only one mother device, which does not allow playing a different movie on each screen.

This model is no longer for sale.