Travelling long distance by using your car can be very boring for the passengers. A good movie could take away the boredom and pass the time. It is particularly good for calming your impatient kids. All portable DVD players can fit into your car regardless of its model, make, and provide entertainment to the back seat occupants. It keeps your children occupied mostly with the entertainment and makes the ride a bit easier. However, decide how much you want to spend on the DVD player. Mounting the DVD player can be done either by conventional methods or by using the latest Click & Go from Nextbase. You need to ensure that after mounting the DVD player, it should not be kicked or bumped. Also, remember that never install the DVD player in a manner where the screen is viewable to the vehicle driver. It is not only dangerous but is illegal in many states.

It has been reported that car-DVD player sales are rising by almost 20% every year. It should not be a surprise to anyone really, because the players are a big help to parents desperately trying to keep their children quiet on long automobile journeys. The costs of built in DVD players provided by carmakers are extremely high as compared to the portable DVD players. I was unfortunate enough to try a company supplied DVD player, which set me back by $2000, and the results were not as good as my present Nextbase DVD player. Moreover, to top it, the DVD player could be used in other places like boats, holiday homes, caravans and tents. These are the main reasons for the rise in the sales of DVD players.

I first time tried the system on a long drive to London. I was pleased to see that my two children kept calm during most of the journey. It was a huge success for the DVD player. The system has enough flexibility to allow them to watch two different movies on two separate screens. Every screen has a DVD player and you can slide-in the DVD at the top. My kids grasped the use a lot faster than I did and soon they were handling headphones and remote control well.

Click & Go Stanchion Mounting

You do not have to struggle with dangling cables anymore. When the Click & Go mounting has been installed, you may just insert and remove DVD player cable free. The mounting just clicks indicating that it is in place and you can go on to watch the movie. Stanchion mounts are used to attach the Nextbase click 7 Lite Duo Twin portable DVD players to the headrest of any car by using chrome poles of the headrest also called as Stanchions. However, remember this mounting system is used for Nextbase’s click devices only and not for the older SDV DVD players from Nextbase.

USB and SD Card Ports

You can also watch the contents of any SD card as there is a provision for SD cards and USB sticks. I do not use much of either though as I am more keen on using DVDs by slipping it in or run them in front of my children. My kids are also not very keen on using the USB but I know it can also be used to pick videos from a laptop or a pc.


The system is not as cable free as it is made out to be. There are several cables being used to make the DVD player work in addition to the headphone cables. You can use wireless headphones as well. You also have to pay an additional £9.99 for fitting headrest mounts. I was however successful in hiding some of the cables under the front seat and the carpet. I could have hidden even more cables but then removing them fast might have become troublesome and if I had to move it to another place quickly, it would have proved to be a hindrance. There were some problems still as one of my children stepped on a cable and yanked out the power cable.


Despite its negative points, this 7-inch portable DVD player was voted as Best Buy in a survey by the Auto Express magazine. An impressive 85% of the users backed this unique system. The 9-inch version costs just £20 more; however, it depends mainly on the size of your headrests.

This model is no longer for sale.