The Nextbase Click & Go Click 9 Lite Duo is a portable DVD player having two 9-inch screens and a unique car mounting mechanism. The new Click & Go car mounting system used makes the DVD player perfect for any car. The 9-inch screens can be attached to the front seat headrest and can be secured by sliding them into the pre-fixed mounts. You just need to click them into place and they are ready to be used. These next generation click & go portable video players are available in UK now. This range of portable DVD players happens to be the only system available in market that is crash test approved to the European Safety Standards. The click & go DVD players are a revolution in the portable entertainment. It blends convenience, safety and value for money together in an affordable and portable system. The click & go Lite system is a standard inclusion along with s totally free of cost stanchion mount system.

Superior Pictures

The screens offered with the portable DVD player make use of the latest LED backlight technology and uses Light Emitting Diodes (or LEDs) for generating great contrast/brightness ratios and as a result providing a clear image with higher resolutions. This technology ensures that even on an extremely sunny day, your viewing is not ruined and is still clear. This also ensures lower power consumption. The 9-inch screens of this Nextbase DVD player have extra-wide viewing angles. This allows you to share a great movie with your brother or a friend at your home or in your car. The DVD player also has SD and USB ports on its sides, which along with watching great movies allows you to see photos and listen to music from the SD card or the USB stick. It provides support for DivX movies as well.

Click & Go Technology

There is no need to put up with awkward cables any more or having to fiddle around with buttons. All other portable DVD players need mounting to be placed on the headrest of the car with power cable to be plugged into the DVD player’s side. This can take up quite a bit of time and can be untidy and difficult especially with kids. The click & go 9 Duo Lite just slides on the mount, clicks into its place and the DVD player starts playing where it left off. A special power cable from your car cigarette lighter goes inside the Click & Go mount giving a neat and user-friendly solution. After plugging in the power cable, the stanchion mount will be left in place. Hereafter you just need to Click & Go for using the DVD player.

Safety Features

This new portable DVD player having a Click & Go mounting is different from others in terms of safety. The DVD player has been designed to be completely safe. It is built around specially designed metal plates and the neat and smooth Click & Go mounting system that just locks all components into place while the car is moving. This safety has allowed the DVD player to clear the European Crash Test standards. You and your family can rest assured in terms of safety. This is measure step forward in terms of safety as other portable DVD players are unsafe in the event of a car crash because the player itself may come lose to cause injuries.

Full of Features

You can listen to radio while your children watch the movies quietly. The Nextbase DVD players come with infrared integrated transmitters, which allow the children to watch movies quietly via wireless headphones while you can rock to the latest tunes in the car front. This portable DVD player is fully multiregion so you can watch movies bought in any country. It also supports a massive range of formats including DVD+_R/RW, CD-R/RW, MPEG-1&2, MP3 and JPEG. This allows you to use the DVD player not just for watching movies but also for listening to audios. It also comes with the anti-skip technology necessary for all portable DVD players. This ensures a smooth running on rough roads.


This portable DVD player is loaded with features and is completely safe to use in your car. It will make long journeys with your kids a lot easier. Highly recommended.

This model is no longer for sale.