General Info

I have two kids at home. I wanted to buy a portable DVD player to stop them from killing themselves on long trips. As the car did not have a built-in DVD player, I decided to get a portable one. The problem I was expecting to face was mounting the DVD player inside my car. I was thinking of hanging the DVD player in the center of the car so that both my troublemakers could watch movies and keep silent during long road trips. As I started researching, I realized that there are cases you can purchase for £15 that will seat the DVD player on the back of the front seats. These cases are placed on the back of each seat and they do not hang in the center. However, this prevented both my children from viewing the screen properly and they did not fit in easily. After struggling for a while, I realized that there has to be another solution for this. Selecting a suitable portable DVD player can be a big mission as there are thousands to pick from and within price range of 80 to 500 pounds. You need to ensure that you spend money on features that are suitable to your needs.

For example if there are more than three kids likely to be watching the display screen, it will be a good idea to get a DVD player with dual screens that will play different discs for different screens. This will also ensure that different kids with different likings can watch their favorite programs at the same time. You can also buy headphones to ensure smooth operation of dual screens. You can also get wireless headphones if you want to avoid too many wires in your car.

Great Features

While researching on internet I came across the advertisement for Nextbase NB48AC portable DVD player and the first thing I noticed was that it comes with car mounts and power cable. I felt so lucky and ordered it immediately and to my surprise, the car mounts were good and due to the twin screens, each front seat could carry a separate screen on the back. Both problems were solved. A twin screen portable DVD player is a great way to keep children entertained during long journeys for hours. You can use the portable DVD players to play their favorite programs and movies.

Our Review

The Nextbase NB48AC is the next version of the massively popular 47 series. This version uses a new and upgraded slim line design and is available with rechargeable battery packs. This battery pack allows the unit to be portable and you can use it anywhere you wish. You can just use mains power supply for recharging the battery.  The 7-inch Nextbase NB48AC display screen is similar to a tablet and the disk slot is below the screen. This permits the DVD player to be extremely slim and thereby making it ideal for home and car use as the car mounting kit is provided. The greatest advantage of the portable DVD player is that it allows you to share a single film on either screens or watch two different ones. This portable DVD player also comes with video input and output meaning you can use the provided power cable to plug the player into a TV set and use it as a normal DVD player. Video input allows you to plug in external video devices like a camcorder and view its contents on the screen.

The Nextbase NB48AC comes with a SD slot, which can be used for plugging in the SD memory card for viewing your movies or images from the card. An interesting feature because it allows you to easily store several movies on the SD card and watch them at your convenience. The Nextbase NB48AC comes with a USB port and a 3.5 mm headphone port.

The display screen on the Nextbase NB48AC is a high resolution LED having 480×234 pixels ensuring that you get magnificent pictures. This DVD player is completely portable with fantastic wide viewing angles and an anti-skip mechanism to enjoy uninterrupted movies on country roads.


I have total peace of mind while driving now with this high quality portable DVD player. It also comes with a 12-month full warranty along with interchangeable batteries, power cable, car mounting cases, power supply mains and a user manual. I suggest you get the DVD player immediately and have complete peace while driving, especially if you have large families.

This model is no longer for sale.