This model is no longer for sale.


General Info

The twin screen portable DVD players have become extremely popular in recent times. Some of these devices are powered by using batteries and even 2-3 batteries can be used to increase its life. In a different kind of setup, the DVD player works on fuel from the car you are using. It can operate on car batteries. However, there is an issue with these kinds of DVD players. If you remove the key from ignition, the disk will be stuck inside. The important thing about these kinds of DVD players is that they should be installed easily. You can find different portable DVD players available in various shapes and sizes. It is recommended to use DVD players having a display screen larger than 7-inches.

One of the best DVD players of this kind is Nextbase NB48AM twin screen portable DVD player. It has a 7-inch screen and is available with rechargeable battery packs. The NB48AM from Nextbase is a twin screen portable DVD player in the style of a tablet. The disk slot is just under the screen. The two screens allow you share a movie on both sides inside a car or at home. Otherwise, you can also use the masterplayer independently by using batteries. The biggest advantage of using the NB48AM is the rechargeable battery pack providing power for more than 2 hours. This improves the usability and allows you to take the DVD player anywhere. You can also use mains for power supply.

Why this model?

I travel quite a lot using trains and cars. I needed a portable DVD player with the battery life of at least 2 hours and one that will come with power cables and car mounts. It was a way of interrupting my boredom while traveling. I went for Nextbase NB48AM Twin Screen 7-inch Portable DVD Player because of the battery life it offered along with high resolution LED screens coming with 480×234 pixels. This ensured that I get a beautiful picture every time. These Nextbase devices are designed to be completely portable. They have wide viewing angles and have a mechanism that allows you to enjoy movies without interruption even on bumpy country roads. I was looking for a portable DVD player that supports all kind of file formats. The Nextbase NB48AM DVD players support a massive range of formats and disks including VCD, DVD, DivX, SVCD, Xvid, CD, JPEG, MP3 and DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW.


Another important consideration for me was that I needed a portable DVD player that could be used with my home TV. This was also possible with Nextbase NB48AM as it comes with video input and output meaning you can use the power cable supplied with the player to plug the device into your TV set. The presence of video input also ensured that I could plug in other external devices such as camcorders to view the videos on my TV screen. It also has a couple of stereo speakers for enjoying movies with friends while traveling. There is a 3.5 mm standard headphone socket to allow the use of headphones.Nextbase

The Nextbase NB48AM is packed with an integrated rechargeable battery placed inside the master unit, power supply mains, car power cable of 12 V, car mount cases, power cable, screen link cable and user manual. The entire weight of the box is 2.3 kg. A 12-month guarantee offered with the instrument also ensured my peace of mind. The Nextbase NB48AM comes with a price tag of around £120, which is excellent for a product of this quality.

The DVD player also comes with an SD slot for plugging in an SD memory card for viewing pictures and watching movies from the card. I found this to be very cool as you can store your favorite movies on the SD card and watch them later whenever you felt like it. The Nextbase NB48AM also has a USB socket, which is designed to allow your USB sticks to be inserted and watching the photos, movies on the USB. You can also listen to the music stored on the USB. This is particularly useful while traveling with my two children as it keeps them absorbed for a few hours.


There are many advantages associated with Nextbase NB48AM like great pictures, decent sound quality, multiregion and cheap price. No real disadvantages and the product is definitely recommended.

This model is no longer for sale.