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Getting your vehicle ready for the road trip with your family involves more than just stocking the cooler with snacks and cold drinks. This is more so because the young children will not keep quiet over a long drive and keeping them happy along with the long drive can be a bit too much. This was the reason why I decided to invest in technology to provide them that extra entertainment during long trips on the road. I made installation ease as my top priority. Unless any DVD player is properly installed, the expensive equipment becomes visible easily and can be a field day for car thieves. Therefore, the portable DVD player has to be easy to remove and store. I was also looking for a DVD player having screen size larger than 7 inches. Another thing I had in mind was that I wanted a DVD player that could be viewed from all the back seats of the car. I took the trouble to visit my local electronics store to view all models from different angles and in different light conditions. Always go for twin screen portable DVD players because they offer easy viewing to both back seat passengers. Make sure the DVD player has two separate outlets one each for each screen. I also got some accessories while I was shopping for the DVD player such as rechargeable batteries.

The one portable DVD player that fitted all the above requirements was Nextbase NB49AC. This 9-inch Twin Screen portable DVD player comes with two 9-inch LED screen DVD players so both my children could watch separate films. The DVD player is designed for car use as it has anti skip system and it comes with a full car kit and multiregion.

Why this model?

The Nextbase NB49AC can be considered as a big brother to the massively popular 47 series. Although I had bought an additional set of rechargeable batteries, I was happy to see that the DVD player came with a pack of rechargeable batteries. They provide power for more than 2 hours. These batteries improve the portability of the DVD player as you can carry it with you anywhere. Just recharge the batteries using the power mains and you are ready for fantastic entertainment. Nextbase NB49AC is a tablet like DVD player system with the disc slot under the screen. This permits the DVD player to be extremely slim.

Our Review

The screens used in this portable DVD player are LED with a high resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. This ensures a perfect picture. Unlike some other portable DVD players, Nextbase NB49AC is designed to be completely portable with wide viewing angles and an in-built anti skip mechanism, which assures a break free viewing of movies even on bumpy country roads. The DVD player supports a massive range of disc and file formats including VCD, DVD, SVCD, CD, Xvid, DivX, MP3, JPEG, CD R/RW and DVD R/RW etc. This massive range of file format support means you can not only watch movies but also listen to your favorite music tunes. Like all other Nextbase models, the Nextbase NB49AC comes with a video input and output. Video output allows you to use the standard AV cable provided with the pack to plug the DVD player into a TV set and use it like a normal DVD player. Video input allows you to plug in any external video devices like camcorders into the DVD player and view those videos on screen.

The Nextbase NB49AC comes with ports for a SD card and an USB stick. Therefore, you can use SD memory card to watch movies stored on it. This superb feature allows you to store movie files on SD cards and USB sticks and watch them when you feel like it. The DVD player also comes with a couple of stereos allowing you to watch movies with your friends. There is a 3.5 mm headphone port as well for your headphones.


There is a stand at the back of Nextbase NB49AC for allowing the DVD player to stand on flat surfaces like tables. The system also includes car headrest mountings for fitting the DVD player in your vehicle and a cigarette lighter power adapter. The Nextbase NB49AC is superb for entertainment while traveling and is recommended.

This model is no longer for sale.