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Portable devices using the modern technology have been lifesavers for people while traveling from one place to another. Their portability and light weight gives them a tremendous appeal especially with children. Portable DVD players are great for children who love watching films. They can be used at home or even on the road trips where long hours of traveling can bore children. The portable DVD player mounted on the backside of the front seat will ensure an entertaining and blissful ride especially for the kids. All the parents wishing to buy these portable DVD players for their children need to keep it in mind that the player must be easy to operate for their children.

Great Features

Several DVD players available in market today come with child-friendly features. This makes them suitable for children as they can operate and use the DVD player without parental supervision. Some people will advise parents to go for cheaper portable DVD players because the kid is likely to misuse the instrument. However, the cheaper devices will also have shorter lifespan than compared to the better quality equipment.
You need to consider a portable DVD player like Nextbase NB49AM Twin Screen 9-inch if you are expecting the DVD player to be used for a lot of traveling. It will be easier for the child to carry it with him because it weighs less than 3 Kg. Lesser weight will automatically ensure easy packing while touring long distance. For a clear and wide viewing 9-inch, screens are the appropriate choice.

Another important aspect of the Nextbase NB49AM is its battery life. It is important that the battery last for the whole film if not for a couple of them. Otherwise, kids again will get bored for the rest of the journey. The Nextbase NB49AM offers two and half-hours of battery life with its battery pack. Not only that you can easily recharge the batteries by using the power mains provided with the pack. Another important benefit of using Nextbase DVD players is that they have great usability for kids. The easy to use features allow children to use them. Another important thing to ensure while selecting the most suitable DVD player will be the availability of two headphone ports. I do not know about you but I have a couple of children and if they want to watch two different movies, I do not want them to have a fight over it. Therefore, it was a wise choice to have a DVD player like Nextbase NB49AM with two headphone ports.

Our Review

The twin screen feature available with Nextbase NB49AM was necessary for me for the same reason as stated above. Two screens for two kids and that assures no fighting. It also allows a clear view for both of them. All the squabbling and quarreling about getting hold of the single screen is avoided. This Nextbase NB49AM as it turned out is a high quality portable DVD player and it has assured peace of mind for me on long tours. It also comes with a full 1-year warranty. The box containing the new Nextbase NB49AM also contains rechargeable batteries, power cable, power mains, remote control, screen link cable, AV cable and user manual.

The Nextbase NB49AM comes with twin screens both of which are LED LCD and come with higher resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. This will make sure that you get a wonderful picture. Unlike other DVD players, Nextbase is specifically designed to assure ease of installation and removal. The wide viewing angles and anti skip mechanism allows my children to enjoy movies even on country roads. This DVD player supports a huge range of file and disc formats similar to the Nextbase NB49AC model. You can also play music on this player.

The Nextbase NB49AM has ports for both SD card and USB stick. Therefore, you can watch movies stored o these two devices by using the DVD player. The DVD player also has two speakers for enjoying the movie with entire family. You also get AV in/out socket that allows your portable DVD player to be linked to your TV set or you can watch the files from your camcorder.

This model is no longer for sale.