Our Review

This might well be the perfect solution to your in car entertainment needs! This Nextbase portable DVD system handily charges directly from your car lighter socket and the unit comes with an adaptor, meaning that power is never a long way away! The device is extremely easy to affix to your car, and the best spot is on to the backs of the front seat head rests, meaning that the kids in the back can enjoy the film while the driver concentrates on the road, particularly given that this package comes complete with two separate screens! Sound comes from two excellent in built speakers, although you can use headphones to listen on your own. This product also comes with a remote control, meaning you don’t have to keep leaning forward to change the volume of change the DVD settings. This is a multi region DVD player, meaning that you should be able to watch DVD’s from any part of the world on this player.

This is a great buy at a price which is affordable for many people and gives the benefit of two screens for both back seat passengers.

Users Reviews

This mobile DVD player is an excellent value for money! I have never owned a mobile DVD player before, so I was a little weary as they always looked a bit flimsy to me, but I am certainly impressed with the Nextbase SDV47AM. I bought it close to six months ago and have taken it on quite a few long trips – what I love about it, it’s the fact that it’s extremely easy to mount and remove and the sound and the video are superb. In addition, the remote control allows me to turn it on or off from the front seat, so my kids don’t have to unbuckle and reach for the controls.
Before buying the SDV47AM, I read many reviews and since most of the people were very happy with the Nextbase portable players and this one just came at an unbeatable price, I simply had to buy it.

I had a chance to test it about a week after it was delivered, when we went to visit our parents and took the kids along. The player is solid and very easy to attach to the headrests, the remote control definitely comes in handy, the sound is loud enough and the picture is perfect. There are two features that I really love about this player: the disk can be changed without having to remove the player itself and if you turn the engine off and then back on, the DVD starts playing where you left off, which is quite impressive. I certainly love it and can recommend it to anyone looking for basic, but high quality and affordable mobile DVD player.

This model is no longer for sale.